13 enero, 2010

Pi - El orden del caos (1998) - Ver on line

...La búsqueda del orden tras el caos, un comentario matemático, la tradición del nombre secreto de Dios...

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Pi (1998, dir. Darren Aronofsky)
Movie Still: Pi
Sean Gullette in Pi, finding out life isn’t exactly brain surgery.
Before Darren Aronofsky tore out our hearts with The Wrestler and shot our blood full of misery with Requiem for a Dream, he papercut our brains with his indie cult favorite Pi. Shot in searing black and white, and full of painful subective angles, the film depicts a brilliant young mathematician (Sean Gullette) losing his grip on reality as he chases that one big equation that might explain the universe. Since Jean Epstein’s 1928 Fall of the House Of Usher, few films have rendered madness so vividly. Apparently impressionism isn’t quite dead.
Questions of style aside, Pi is a cautionary tale about the perils of advanced geekdom. A gifted but extremely lonseome nerd tries to shut out the world in order to push his understanding past ordinary human levels, only to find that his mind may not be able to take it. And if he does succeed, there are plenty of cruel and sinister figures ready to exploit his brain for its power. Without knowing lesson one about number theory, Kabbalah, Go strategy or any of the film’s other misty themes, I can say Aronofsky does a great job laying out the topics in layman’s terms and cobbling them together into a clever suspense tale. Whatever liberties he may have taken with the concepts – almost all movies do – it’s a fascinating portrait of a brainiac wasting away in a leaky vacuum.

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